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VGCpedia is born January 2019 in order to create a huge and organized system of VGC information. Our aim is to compile players, websites, clans and any kind of aspect related to the Pokémon videogame format.

Another goal of VGCpedia is create new players and introduce them into the competitive game. We consider that beginners’ first steps are the most important ones.

The Pokémon Competitive scene would not be the same without the players, therefore, we are open to feedback. Listening to the community is very valuable for us, for that reason, any suggestion or contructive criticism is always welcome.

Documentation (our main work) is probably harder than you imagine, however, it’s always great to see how your work is useful for other people. We restore our energy each day thanks to the ones who support this.

Feel free to investigate all our content we provide you and go deep into the wonderful world of the Pokémon Video Game Championships.

Pokémon and all other related names are the property of The Pokémon Company, Creatures Inc., Game Freak and Nintendo © 1996-2020

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