Lee Provost

Lee “Osirus” Provost is a British VGC player and caster. Lee started playing competitively in 2010 and since then, he have earned 6 World Championship invites with Washington DC (2014) being his best international performance at Worlds so far.


Kyle Livinghouse

Kyle “Animus” Livinghouse is a US player and the 2019 Knoxville Regional Champion.

During the 2018-19 season and thanks to his solid performances in his home country, Kyle reached Washington WCS where he finished in 57th place. In that season, not only did he improve his North America International Championship result from the previous year but also, he succeed in Hartford reaching his first finals.


Marco Silva

Marco “marcofiero” Silva is an Italian player and the 2020 Oceania International Champion.

During his last season in Senior Division he obtained a 14th place in Nashville WCS. The next year, (already in the Masters Division) the Italian shine in Washington where he achieved a spot between the best 32 players of the world. Right before the pandemic hit, Marco won the Oceania International Championship.


Guillermo Castilla

Guillermo “Kasty” Castilla is a Spanish player. Since his early years in VGC, Kasty has been a usual figure in the european scene. Back when nationals were the main major tournament prior to WCS, he was able to obtain two championships, Spain and later, Italy.


Tommy Valentine Cooleen

Tommy Valentine “Tman” Cooleen is a North American VGC player from New York. He began playing VGC in 2013 as a senior, before aging up to Masters in 2014. During the 2014 season, he cut 2 regionals in his first full year in Masters. He added 4 regional cuts over his next 2 years playing, but fell short of the win each time. Despite a drought of regional cuts from 2017-2018, he managed to cut the first 3 Internats of the 2017 season with his infamous “Double Duck” team which featured Pelipper and Golduck. Despite not reaching Top Cut in 2018, he did manage to reach Day 2 at the 2 Internationals that he attended.


Gabriel Agati

Gabriel Agati is a Brazilian player who got into VGC by watching Worlds 2014. He is known for being a consistent player in the International stage, having two International cuts on his belt. Despite that, Gabriel has no big results at Worlds, with his only participation ending up on a 6-3 Day 1 record on Nashville, 2018. Although he is one of the youngest Brazilian players, he has already faced (and won) very popular and veteran competitors during his international performances like Federico Turano in LAIC 2017

Agati’s closest friends from VGC are André Fumis and Vinícius Souza and his main rival is Yan “Sogeking” Sym.


Juan Salerno

Juan “Juanfi” Salerno is an Argentinian, senior VGC player and the 2019 OCIC Champion. He started playing VGC in January due to some videos from Sekiam. He played his first tournament on January of 2017 and since then, he has made lots of accomplishments in the senior division. He qualified Worlds for his first season and in VGC 2019 he has obtained several great results around the world.


Raúl Ramírez

Raúl “Rul” Ramírez is an Ecuadorian VGC Player most known for his 7th place during the 2018 Latam International Championships. Before that, he had won several MSS and Premier Challenges. Rul plays competitively since 2014 in unofficial tournaments, until the official circuit arrival to Ecuador in 2016 and with this he have qualified for the Worlds Championships 3 consecutive times, San Francisco, Anaheim and Nashville.