Lee Provost

Lee “Osirus” Provost is a British VGC player and caster. Lee started playing competitively in 2010 and since then, he have earned 6 World Championship invites with Washington DC (2014) being his best international performance at Worlds so far.


Wonseok Jang

Wonseok “Krelcroc” Jang is a South Korean player. Wonseok entered the VGC scene winning the Korean National Championship in 2012. In his first year, he began playing competitively becoming one of the youngest champions.


Wonseok Jung

Wonseok “reo” Jung is a South Korean player and the 2021 and 2022 Trainers Cup Champion.

He is one of the most distinguishable players in the Korean circuit. In barely two years, between 2017 and 2019, he obtained two victories and a second spot in the seasonal Korean League.
The two times Korean National Champion has qualified to Pokémon World Championship every single time since Anaheim 2017.


Zhang Zhe

Zhang Zhe is a Chinese player and the 2022 Milwaukee Regional Champion.

Alongside his regional trophy, a 19th place in Secaucus and reaching quarterfinals in North America International Championship, Zhang was able to qualify to London WCS with an impressive run at the end of the season.


Kyle Livinghouse

Kyle “Animus” Livinghouse is a US player and the 2019 Knoxville Regional Champion.

During the 2018-19 season and thanks to his solid performances in his home country, Kyle reached Washington WCS where he finished in 57th place. In that season, not only did he improve his North America International Championship result from the previous year but also, he succeed in Hartford reaching his first finals.


Brady Smith

Brady “BSmiffy” Smith is a US player and 3 times Regional champion. His career as a VGC player is full of great performances nationally and internationally.

Brady’s 3 victories in his home country along with his multiple Tops through his path in the Masters division stand out in his track record.


Chongjun Peng

Chongjun Peng is a Chinese player and the 2022 SLC Regional Champion.

The Chinese player had great performances since 2019 in US Regionals and Singapore where he got a TOP 4.

However, it was not until Salt Lake City Regional when he went undefeated and obtained his first victory in a Regional Championship.


James Evans

James “TheKingVillager” Evans is a US player most-known for his victory in the 2018 Pokémon World Championship in the Senior Division.

US Regionals have been his favourite scenario in terms of performances with notable results in the Top Cut since 2018.


Oliver Eskolin

Oliver “Owe” Eskolin is a Finnish VGC player and 2022 EUIC runner-up.

Oliver stand out during his player career in the Senior Division specially along the 2016-17 season when he obtained a 10th place in Anaheim WCS.