Why isn't there a page about 'this' player or 'that' website?

In order to mantain a certain order and quality within the site we have considered some guidelines to incluse either a player or a website. If the player/website does not meet our guidelines, a page won’t be created.

A player may fulfill our guidelines but does not have a page. In that case, we may overlook that player or there isn’t enough information about the player to be added.

'This' page or 'that' player profile is not updated. When could you change it?

Time is a limited resource and unfortunately our staff is not full time dedicated to this website. From time to time we update some pages and put off other sections. Results and player profiles are our biggest priority so you may see constant updates sooner than other pages such as VGC’s history which requires much effort. Sooner or later, they would be updated and we may notify you through Twitter, but do not expect an instant change when something happens because we may not be able to do it.

Why is there no profile image for 'this' player?

Either we could not find a suitable image that fits the space or there aren’t available images.

You are using the wrong pronouns. Could you change it?

Of course. Do not hesitate to contact us through DM and we will change it as soon as possible.

Why do some players have a bigger biography than others?

Some players are more accesible than others in terms of information, results… There are players who we know a lot of information thanks to social media, VGC media websites, articles… And others are completely unknown.

I'm the player of 'this' page and I do not like my current photo in my page profile. Could you change it?

Of course! Just contact us through DM at Twitter specifying your problem and sending us the new photo.

How can I search for an specific player?

Find the magnifying glass on the dropdown menu if you are on the front page. Else if you are visiting already a player page, the search bar will be after the comment section in mobiles and at the top of the right section in PC.

Why don't you cover TCG and other disciplines of the competitive game?

VGCpedia is just for VGC coverage. Our aim is to expand the VGC related history, media, playerbase… That’s why VGCpedia was born. We do not expect to create something similar for TCG, Pokken or Pokémon GO in the future.

Does VGCpedia or its members gain any profit?

We do not! VGCpedia is a non-profit project whose aim is to compile everything about the VGC scene. However, if it is in danger we may ask your help through Patreon or something similar. Fortunately, nowadays VGCpedia is a sustainable project.

What do we consider as "Worlds qualifications"?

A player is qualified for the Pokémon World Championships when they obtain an invite either for Day 1 or Day 2. A player can be qualified and not attend the competition. Regardless of the player’s attendance to the tournament, we count it as a World qualification.

For example, a player obtained a D1 invite to WCS in 2018 and 2019, but the player only attended the championship in 2019. Consequently, the player has only two Worlds qualifications (2018 and 2019) and in this way would appear in the player’s profile.

I've just found a mistake. How can I inform you?

Through Twitter (@VGCpedia), DM if possible.