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Players Cup

Players Cup is an online tournament firstly created in 2020 after the cancellation of the circuit due to the pandemic.
Top 4 players recieve a Travel Award for future International Championship of their choosing.

4 Players Cup events have been held since 2020.

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Premier Challenge

Premier Challenges are the smallest events from the VG Play Pokémon circuit. They provide a minor amount of Championship Points. In addition, TO (Tournament Organizers) may include prize pools to stimulate the competitive scene in that area.

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International Championships are the largest events before Worlds. Since 2016, this tournament is held in 4 different regions: Europe, North America, Latinamerica and Oceania.

They are in-person events where players spend around 3 days competing. Firstly, nine swiss rounds from which x-2 players should continue to the next stage. The following day, those competitors are reduced to a Top Cut which modifies depending on the attendance. This day also should determine the finalists. The third and last day, every single division and category plays on streaming its corresponding final matches.