Pokémon International VGC

In detail

Classification: Pokken, TCG and VGC

Availability: worldwide🌎*

Prize pool: travel stipends

Restrictions: None

Organizer: PlayPokemon

Type: online

BFL: None

Format: Swiss (bo3) and losers bracket (double elimination | bo3)

VGC history

Debut: 2019-2020 season

Number of events held: 4


Players Cup is an online tournament firstly created in 2020 after the cancellation of the circuit due to the pandemic.

Players qualified for the Players Cup Finals are are selected based on the following results:

– 4 players from the Players Cup North America Qualifier

– 4 players from the Players Cup North America Online Qualifier

– 4 players from the Players Cup Europe Online Qualifier

– 4 players from the Players Cup Latin America Online Qualifier

– 4 players from the Players Cup Oceania Online Qualifier**

Top 4 players recieve a Travel Award for future International Championship of their choosing.

4 Players Cup events have been held since 2020.

*Players Cup tournaments are restricted to the regions listed above.


International Challenges

International challenges are the only way to qualify the second stage: online qualifiers. Before these, players must achieve a Top 256. Although participants play from all parts of the world (including those regions who can’t qualify Players Cup), in the final results only players from each region are taking into account.

Online Qualifiers

Once they access to Online Qualifiers, trainers play a bo3 format with losers bracket, in which those who best finish in their own regional qualifier (as described above for each region), compete in the final stage.

Global Finals

16 players compete in the final stage of the Players Cup, 4 from each region available (North America, LATAM, Europe and Oceania)**. The format remains the same from previous phase, but players can modify their teamsheet. Finals are usually streamed at Pokémon’s Official Twitch Channel.

**First Players Cup event included 3 players from the Oceania Qualifier and 1 player from the Players Cup Kickoff Invitational.


2020 Players Cup I
Online16Santino Tarquinio
2020 Players Cup II Online
16Wolfe Glick
2021 Players Cup IIIOnline
16Jonathan Evans
2021 Players Cup IVOnline
16Renzo Navarro
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