Wolfe Glick

Wolfey Glick 2016 VGC World Champion

Personal information

Full name: Wolfe Glick

Birthday: 12/06/1995

Nacionality: USAūüáļūüáł

Nickname: Wolfey

ExClub: Panda Global

VGC player career

Debut: 2011

Worlds qualifications: x9 (2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019)

Best Result: 2016 World Champion (San Francisco)


Pokémon: ExeggutorExeggutor

Social media


Wolfe “Wolfey” Glick is an historic and iconic player very famous in the competitive scene. He has been playing since 2011 and since then, he have qualified Worlds every year.

His popularity is related to his victory at Pokémon WCS 2016 (San Francisco), which is also his best result. He creates content in Youtube and Twitch and has almost 80k followers on Twitter. In 2018, Wolfe and his friend and VGC caster, Aaron Zheng, joined the esports club: Panda Global. After 3 years, they parted ways along with other roster changes.

During the 2019 season, Wolfe has obtained several Top Cuts in Regional and International Championships and his ninth consecutive invite to the WCS. In addition, in June he became the first player to win every single major (Regional, National, International and Worlds) after obtaining the 2019 NAIC title. Wolfey uploaded a video about his winning team in his Youtube channel.


Worlds Championships

Pokémon WCS 2011 Masters TOP 8
Pokémon WCS 2012 Masters Runner-up
Pokémon WCS 2013 Masters TOP 32
Pokémon WCS 2014 Masters TOP 16
Pokémon WCS 2015 Masters TOP 16
Pokémon WCS 2016 Masters Champion
Pokémon WCS 2017 Masters Top 16
Pokémon WCS 2018 Masters Day 1
Pokémon WCS 2019 Master TOP 32

International Championships

London International VGC2017 Master TOP 16
Oceania International VGC2017 Master TOP 16
Europe International VGC2019 Master TOP 4
North America International VGC2019 Master Champion

Nationals, Regional Championships & Special Events

Washington DC Regional 2011 Master Champion
USA Nationals 2011 Master Champion
USA Nationals 2012 Master Champion
Indiana Nationals 2014 Master Day 1
Virginia Regional 2015 Master TOP 8
Florida Regional 2015 Master Champion
Massachusetts Regional 2015 Master Champion
Indiana Nationals 2015 Master TOP 8
Pennsylvania Regional 2015 Master Champion
Florida Regional 2016 Master Champion
Georgia Regional 2016 Master TOP 4
Ohio Nationals 2016 Master Day 1
Orlando, Florida Regional 2016 Master TOP 4
Georgia Regional 2017 Master TOP 8
Charlotte Regional 2018 Master Champion
Dallas Regional 2019 Master TOP 32
Collinsville Regional 2019 Master TOP 32

Other events

2020 Players Cup II

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