Kyle Livinghouse

Kyle “Animus” Livinghouse is a US player and the 2019 Knoxville Regional Champion.

During the 2018-19 season and thanks to his solid performances in his home country, Kyle reached Washington WCS where he finished in 57th place. In that season, not only did he improve his North America International Championship result from the previous year but also, he succeed in Hartford reaching his first finals.


Brady Smith

Brady “BSmiffy” Smith is a US player and 3 times Regional champion. His career as a VGC player is full of great performances nationally and internationally.

Brady’s 3 victories in his home country along with his multiple Tops through his path in the Masters division stand out in his track record.


Santino Tarquinio

Santino “supahsanti” Tarquinio is a US player and the 2020 Players Cup Champion. In only one season, Santino went from taking competitive Pokémon seriously to becoming the Players Cup Champion, his biggest accomplishment so far.


Stephen Mea

Stephen “Gramgus” Mea is a US player and 3 times world competitor. His first world appearance was in the Senior Division when he could get Day 2. From that moment on, Stephen made it into Masters and obtained some notable results from Regional and International Top Cuts to even a Special Event Championship. However his best accomplishments came with 2018 and 2019 obtaining two consecutive times Day 2 thanks to Specials and Regional Championships.


Tommy Valentine Cooleen

Tommy Valentine “Tman” Cooleen is a North American VGC player from New York. He began playing VGC in 2013 as a senior, before aging up to Masters in 2014. During the 2014 season, he cut 2 regionals in his first full year in Masters. He added 4 regional cuts over his next 2 years playing, but fell short of the win each time. Despite a drought of regional cuts from 2017-2018, he managed to cut the first 3 Internats of the 2017 season with his infamous “Double Duck” team which featured Pelipper and Golduck. Despite not reaching Top Cut in 2018, he did manage to reach Day 2 at the 2 Internationals that he attended.


Aaron Traylor

Aaron “Unreality” Traylor is a Northamerican VGC player. He’s a famous player in the VGC community and he has one of the strongest career in the Pokémon Videogame Championships. Although he has been competing since 2011, he achieved notable accomplishments, his best season has been 2016 when he managed to obtain a second place in US Nationals, and most importantly, a 5th place in San Francisco.


Brendan Zheng

Brendan “Babbytron” Zheng is a northamerican VGC player and the 2013 Pokémon World Champion. He has been playing since 2010 and, from then on, he has achieved succesful results such as the previously mentioned WCS and a top 8 in Washington (2014).


Ashton Cox

Ashton “Linkyoshimario” Cox is a northamerican VGC player and the two times LATAM International Champion.

His VGC carreer has been growing up since 2014 when he qualified for the Pokémon World Championships for the first time. Although, that year was specially good for him (due to his achievements at WCS and some regionals of VGC 2014), the gap between 2017-2019 has been extremely glorious for the american player.