For obvious reasons, every person who has ever played VGC cannot have a page. In order to post a page about a certain player we take into account the following guidelines.


A player may have their profile in VGCpedia in case they managed to obtain (at least) one of the following achievements:

  • D2 invite to some Pokémon World Championship or obtaining D2 battling since D1.
  • Finishing among the best 16 players in an International Championship.
  • Finishing among the best 8 players in a Regional, National or Special Event.
  • Finishing among the 32 best players in Regional, National, Special Events or International Championship twice.

Other causes that may determine the presence of a certain player who:

  • Is/was part of a website or organization that has heavily influenced the competitive VGC scene.
  • Heavily influenced the development of a metagame.
  • Is an active content creator for Youtube or Twitch and creates media focused primarily on VGC.


The presence of a website or organization is determined by one of the following considerations. The website/organization:

  • has heavily influenced the competitive VGC scene.
  • creates content around VGC (articles, reports, results…).
  • controls a database with metagame stats or results.
  • is a official or unofficial tool that helps the player in terms of teambuilding, knowledge about the circuit, testing, calculations…
  • regularly creates unofficial VGC based competitions (leagues, circuits…) with a big playerbase (above 100 players).
  • is a club/esports organization mainly focused on Pokémon and its VGC scene and has members who maganed to obtained one of the aforementioned achievements.
  • fulfills an important role in terms of inclusivity inside the community.