Renzo Navarro

Renzo Navarro is a Peruvian player. He made his debut in his country’s second regional (the second largest event in Latam to date) in which he obtained a second place. Renzo has been pretty consistent since then, winning lots of tournaments in his region and fighting for the top spots in championship points. His track record contains several accomplishments like 3 Regional Championships and 5 Special Event Championships.


Dorián-André Quiñonez

Dorian-Andrés Quiñones is a Peruvian VGC player x3 times qualified for WCS. During 2017 season he achieved his best result a eighth place in the Anaheim Pokémon World Championships. He is accostumed to shine in the LATAM region and major tournaments specially Worlds.


Gabriel Durán

Gabriel “Gabo” Durán is a Peruvian VGC player most known for his 4th place during the 2018 Pokémon World Championships. Before that, he had won two Special Events in Peru. His most noticeable result as a master until now, has been a second place in Peru SPE 2019.

Grabiel duran accomplishments

Double Mega, double trouble! A TOP 4 in Nashville WCS 2018

Hi everyone! My name is Gabriel Durán, also known as Gabo, and I’m a Peruvian VGC player. During 25th August, I was able to obtain a fourth place in the Pokémon World Championships in the Senior Division.

I went 4-0 in Swiss (Day 1) and 4-2 in Day 2.

Although I had played at Brasil International Championships (with a disappointing result, 3-2), WCS 2018 has been my best tournament result I’ve ever competed on. Once I knew I had got my invite I decided to put as much effort as I could.