Guillermo Castilla

Guillermo “Kasty” Castilla is a Spanish player. Since his early years in VGC, Kasty has been a usual figure in the european scene. Back when nationals were the main major tournament prior to WCS, he was able to obtain two championships, Spain and later, Italy.


Javier Señorena

Javier “Proman” Señorena is a Spanish player and the 2016 Italy National Champion. He’s a x3 consecutive times World competitor that started to shine in the Senior division with notable accomplishments.Although his only Regional Championship was during the VGC 2016 season, he achieved his best result in 2017 when he lost in LATAM IC finals against Ashton Cox (@linkyoshimario).



VictoryRoad is a Spanish & English website founded in 2015 by @fallingmindz and @Y4NGS. Since 2016, the competitive site started to create content in Spanish and became known thanks to the tournament ‘Road to San Francisco 2016’.In 2017, Victory Road arranged more than 200 players in 9 different events around the Spanish area in the ‘VictoryRoad Circuit 2017’However, during June 2018, VictoryRoad had to be started from zero due to domain issues. After a few weeks of donations, the staff was able to create another website and begin a new history. From that moment on, VictoryRoad hasn’t stopped creating content. Indeed, VR has revived an iconic competition such as the Dialga Cups and nowadays, you can also read VictoryRoad’s articles in English.


Eric Rios

Eric “riopaser” Rios is a Spanish VGC player most known for his third place in 2014 Worlds in the Senior division. Although his best result has been in Washington WCS, he has obtained notable achievements since then such as two different SPE championships and a TOP 4 in an International.


Álex Gómez

Álex “Pokealex” Gómez is a Spanish VGC player. His VGC career starts in the Senior Division and, since 2012, he has qualified each single year for the Pokémon World Championships. During the VGC2016 season, he managed to be first in the World at Leaderboards with 1191CP.