Lee Provost

Lee “Osirus” Provost is a British VGC player and caster. Lee started playing competitively in 2010 and since then, he have earned 6 World Championship invites with Washington DC (2014) being his best international performance at Worlds so far.


Barry Anderson

Barry “Baz” Anderson is a British and veteran VGC player. He has had strong performances in Regional and WCS for the past 6 years. Since 2013, he have qualified x4 times and achieved his best result in San Francisco with a 7th place.

In addition, he creates content in Youtube about teambuilding, battle spot and analysis.


Jamie Boyt

Jamie “MrJellyLeggs” Boyt is a British VGC player and a 4-times world competitor. During his first competitive year, he managed to reach a 32nd place in Boston. Since then he has qualified each single year for the major tournament and he has achieved multiple results such as: x3 Regional Championships, a second place in Torino SPE and other results in less important events.