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Founders: @rushanshekar (aka @firestorm) | @huynasaur | @NBplaid

Language: English🇺🇸🇬🇧🇨🇦

Signature Pokémon place: Nugget Bridge

VGC history

Debut: 06/2012

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Nugget Bridge is one of the most acclaimed and distinguised VGC websites along the last decade. It was born during June 2012 and it intensified the VGC community’s popularity for years improving the circuit and creating contacts and connections with different parts of the world.

Sadly, on December 2016 it was hacked and because of this, (and some other aspects that are mentioned in their last post), NuggetBridge came to an end.

Its legacy is one of the biggest in Pokémon competitive history and its accomplishments have, even today, a huge impact in the community.


NPA started with NuggetBridge years ago. The system is simple; captains draft players for their team and play through a season. This competition was recovered by TrainerTower and, nowadays, is a notable event that attracts experienced players.

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