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Founder: @Lightcore | @lahinroon | + Contributors

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Signature Pokémon: RhydonRhydon

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Debut: 16/11/2016

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TrainerTower is an English VGC website founded during November 2016. Nowadays, it is one of the most popular competitive Pokémon websites in terms of resources, reports, metagame’s analysis…

After NuggetBridge‘s disapperance, TrainerTower took up the torch and became quickly one of the strongest VGC international websites.


NPA circuit, started by NuggetBridge, is still alive these days thanks to TrainerTower. Through the last years, the competition has been growing up and expanding around the globe, becoming a prestigious event in the VGC scene.

Since 2016, TrainerTower also hosts a global post-worlds tournament called World Cup. It is a 16 region competition with 8 active playing slots per week and 12 total roster spots allotted. At first, captains draft players for their region and then, the best players of each country compete against other countries’ competitors to become the top region of the entire globe. This VGC competition is inspired by Zach Droegkamp’s idea and was modelled after 2016 Smogon’s World Cup of Pokémon.

TrainerTower’s staff

TrainerTower is composed by 15 people. In addition, there are contributors that provide reports, warstories, analysis… You can visit TrainerTower’s page “About us” for further information.

  • Managing Director: Stacey (AverageJoe)
  • Creative Services: Nick Borghi (LightCore)
  • Head Tournament Organizer: Jeremy Gross (JZGVGC)
  • Developer: Jake White (squirrelboy)
  • Branding Artist: Filipe Fernandes
  • IT Technician: Tim Crockford (Meloetta Minstrels)

Content Creators

  • Stephen Mea (GramgusVGC)
  • Willem Geurts (AbsurdityVGC)
  • Nuno Rosario (PyreonVGC)
  • Johnny Hax (JohnnyHax)
  • C_Johnston02


  • Jonathan Evans (EzraelVGC)
  • Brigitta Slinn
  • Ryan Hercus (Vuanotto)
  • TamtamVGC
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