Roberto Parente

Roberto “TrainerRob” Parente is an Italian VG player. He qualified for 2019 and 2022 WCS. In 2019-22 season he got a bunch of results in Regional Championships and Special Events which lead to his Day 2 invite. In London WCS he placed 12th his best result so far.


Marco Silva

Marco “marcofiero” Silva is an Italian player and the 2020 Oceania International Champion.

During his last season in Senior Division he obtained a 14th place in Nashville WCS. The next year, (already in the Masters Division) the Italian shine in Washington where he achieved a spot between the best 32 players of the world. Right before the pandemic hit, Marco won the Oceania International Championship.


Flavio del Pidio

Flavio “Pado” del Pidio is an Italian player and the 2019 Europe International Champion. He started playing in December 2014 after discovering VGC thanks to 2014 Washington D.C World Championships. Although Flavio competed in several tournaments along this last 5 years, his most significant results have been achieved during VGC 2018 and VGC 2019.


Alessio Yuri Boschetto

Alessio Yuri “Yuree” Boschetto is an Italian player and the 2018 Oceania International Champion. In the VGC 2017 season he obtained his first notable and international results with several Tops in International Championships finishing its first season with a Day 2 in San Francisco. The following years he improved his performances obtaining a International Championship in 2018.

Alessio’s track record includes Tops and Regional Championships from around the world. However the Italian player shines in International events and specially, in WCS considering that Yuree has accomplished two consecutive TOP 16 and four consecutive invites in the Pokémon World Championships so far.


Luca Lussignoli

Luca “lucalucario” Lussignoli is an Italian VGC player. He has had strong performances in Regional for the last years. Since 2013, he have qualified x5 times (2015-16-17-18-19) and achieved his best result in Treviso with a 1st place.


Arash Ommati

Arash “Mean” Ommati is an Italian player six-time-qualified to Pokémon World Championships. In 2013, his first WCS, he managed to win at Vancouver, becoming the first Italian & European World Champion in the VGC history.